2nd May

Eleanor’s mum has phoned the police 23 times altogether now. That’s how many times she’s been missing: one day, two days, one day … I can’t sleep at night because I’m worried about where she is, and what they’re doing to her. How can they live with themselves? Maybe we should wait for longer before phoning, but then there’s less chance of her being found. Being missing for six hours wouldn’t be long enough to wait before phoning but it’s happened so many times that we know what will come next. A day of waiting, searching, praying, failing …

Looking back at the last couple of months, I realise that the only thing I’ve written about is Elle. It’s been my sole focus recently. My schoolwork has plummeted, although it was pretty mediocre to begin with. My music teachers are despairing: I’m not making the progress I should be, etc. etc. Blah, blah, blah … Boring!

          But at the same time I know I need to start living my own life again. It’s hard when this happens to one of your friends, because suddenly you’re pulled into it whether you like it or not. I wonder if I had a choice whether to get involved or not. Personally, I don’t think so.

The End

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