20th March

I found Eleanor this morning. She was lying on some grass beside a road, covered in her jacket. I lifted it: it was surprisingly heavy, so I looked in the pockets. She had at least four phones with her, and a handful of loose simcards. One I recognised as her original phone. I know all the numbers except one: Matt. His number appeared on all the phones and I am sure he must be one of the boys I saw her with. The other numbers were almost all men - quite a worrying development.

          They weren’t the worst thing I found, though. In one of the pockets I found the one thing I was dreading finding: a pair of men’s pants. That’s the first time there has been any proof of a sexual side to the whole thing, but it seems to have been going on for a long time. Poor Eleanor. She looks awful, and her body is bruised. In one place there are signs of recent bleeding. What have they done to her?

The End

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