14th March

Elle climbed out of her window to get out last night. A car picked her up. Her mum saw it but by then it was too late. She’s out of her mind with worry. So far, Eleanor’s always turned up, but there’s always a chance that one time she won’t. And she’s just being dumped all over the place: roadsides, pub gardens, parks. I wouldn’t be surprised if one morning we find her in someone else’s front garden. It’s dreadful. How could this just happen? Were the men grooming her, or what? Have they done worse than just touch her up a bit? If so, what? I hardly can bear thinking about it. Poor Eleanor. The teachers always thought of her as the sensible one, the hard worker. Of course, that’s not really true. That was just the face she put on. She’s outrageously cheeky normally, and would be all over the boys if she thought they’d accept her - the self-image thing again. Now she’s suspected of being on drugs, and skips school, and no one ever knows where she is, because she just keeps disappearing.

The End

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