5th March

I saw Eleanor getting into a posh sports car earlier. It was being driven by the boys I saw at the school gate before, but another couple of men - in their twenties or thirties - were also there, as passengers. She didn’t look as though she was being forced, but didn’t seem quite there. It was as though she wasn’t sure what was happening - perhaps the effect of drugs?

          Just two months ago and none of this had happened. We were great together. Can it really have changed so much, so fast? I feel like I’ve missed out on a huge period of my life, but not got any older. Things have happened during that time, and when I come back everything’s different. Only I never went away. It just happened overnight.

          I suspect these men are supplying her with the drugs, but why? Are they doing something to her but doping her up to make her keep coming back? I told her mum, Ruth, of my suspicions.

          “I don’t know about that, Kate,” she said. There were bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. “But if she’s not back tonight, at least I know who she’s with.” It didn’t seem like much comfort to me, and who can tell where she’ll end up this time - or even if she’ll come back at all?

The End

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