4th March

Elle went missing for four days this time. More bruises and love bites. There’s evidence that she’s definitely on some kind of drugs, I think. She doesn’t remember it all, or at least she says that she doesn’t, and she keeps having very unsettling mood swings. When she’s herself she seems withdrawn, shaken somehow. I can’t help but worry. She’s my friend! As predicted, no one I spoke to wanted to know. The police have enough on their plate without a fourteen-year-old girl coming to them with a story of a friend who’s acting strangely, and anyway Eleanor’s mum had already reported her missing and possibly on drugs. Drugs are definitely a matter for the police, I know, but I have no rock-solid evidence and so have nothing to show for my claims.

          People don’t seem to have noticed the change, except for her mum and me. Why not? It’s staring them in the face! Are they blind?

The End

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