25th February

Eleanor’s back - apparently she had actually gone missing, and no one knew where she was. I’m offended that nobody let me know, but relieved that she has returned. I don’t understand why I wasn’t told - she’s my friend! I care about her, too!

They found her on the other side of the town, just dumped on a bench outside some pub. She’s got a love bite on her neck, and I’m worried that she’s being assaulted in some way. She’s really vacant - doesn’t seem to remember much. Maybe she’s on drugs? She hit me earlier, but she never used to be at all violent. In fact, she was all for non-violent protests and world peace. Something’s changed. I have to tell someone, but I don’t know who to tell. My mum doesn’t believe me. She thinks I’m over-exaggerating. Elle’s mum has enough to deal with, and anyway, I probably don’t know anything she doesn’t. I feel sorry for her, having to deal with a daughter as unmanageable and violent as Elle is at the moment. It’s not really surprising, if you think about it, that she didn’t tell me. She’s got a lot else on her mind.

The End

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