17th February

I caught Eleanor sleeping in History today. We all do it (you may be shocked but ask yourself honestly, have you ever done it?) but it’s unusual for her. Eleanor’s clever, but in History she excels, which is why it is one of her favourite subjects.

“Get no sleep last night?” I teased, but she didn’t smile. She did look exhausted, actually. Looked like she’d been up all night. I noticed an unobtrusive silver bangle on her wrist, but didn’t comment. There are bruises on her arm, and they’re new. The worst is on her wrist - it’s a black ring circling her arm like a watch, with green edges and a purple centre. It looks like someone grabbed her, or tried to stop her running away. But why?

“Leave me alone,” she said, turning her back on me. That hurt. She’s been my best friend for ages - since primary school, even. And now she’s turned her back on me.

The End

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