14th February

Eleanor came into school today wearing a gold necklace.

          “Do you like my necklace?” she said. I could tell just by looking at it that it was real gold.

          “Where did you get it?” I asked. At first she would not answer, but I repeated my question, looking directly into her eyes.

          “A Valentine’s Day gift,” she said unwillingly. Whatever I had been expecting, it wasn’t that.

          “From who?” But she wouldn’t answer me, though I asked persistently throughout the day. Later, I saw her leaving the school with two boys, who were both at least five years older than us. They looked about nineteen, although I couldn’t be sure.

          Why is she hanging out with them? Was the necklace from one of them? I don’t like to think so but I can’t think of anyone in our school who could afford it, and she doesn’t have a boyfriend. At least, I don’t think she does. It makes me sick to think of her kissing one of them. They’re so much older than us, and Elle’s got no experience. What if they were to take advantage of her, because of her age?

The End

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