Kate is a fourteen year old girl. She is best friends with Eleanor, and they have grown up together. It has got to the point where Kate would do anything for her - if it was necessary, she would die for her. She is unwaveringly loyal and kind, as well as understanding.

She has one sister, Natalie, who she considers to be more of a friend than a sister. Sometimes she wishes she had a brother but Elle’s descriptions of her brother Ed make Kate change her mind quite quickly.

Kate has brown hair and eyes, and is of medium build. She wants to be a musician when she is older and plays several instruments. She also spends a lot of her time on the computer, messing around, but now knows how to mend just about anything that goes wrong with it - as it frequently does. She listens to music that no-one’s ever heard of but doesn’t care what other people think about her.

Her diary is written in a Venetian notebook, decorated with marbled swirls and tied with a coloured ribbon. It was bought for her by her grandmother, on her fourteenth birthday.

The End

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