The Beginning

This was meant to be four paragraphs, gah. In case you didn't already know, this is my assessment work for English. We have to write about our "dream island", being as descriptive as we can. So I hope that worked. It wasn't originally intended to be Camelot, but, hey.

As if choosing the precise moment to release its ardour, the sun begins to rise cautiously in the distance, acting as beacon above the never-ending expanse of water. Waves collide deafeningly against the skyscraping cliffs that surround every corner of the island, as grass waltzes delicately in the breeze.

Beyond, a gargantuan, breathtaking maze of trees covers an entire ring around the centre of the island. Each one competes with the other for height and beauty, exhibiting their emerald glory for every eye to marvel at. Residing below the treetops, a steady, patient river flows modestly throughout the greenery, leading onwards towards a derelict landscape.

As far as the eye can see, a humongous grassland stretches out far into the distance, harbouring nothing but swaying grass and daisies as white as snow.

At the very heart of the breathtaking land sits a wonder of a castle, spiralling towards the crystal-clear sky. Surrouding the outskirts of the castle, citizens bustle around a crowded marketplace, the atmosphere that of a war. 

Concern and fear pours around them, filling the air with a dull and grey feel. These citizens can only wait in fear for a future predicament,  feigning calm and trying to stick to their common routine. 

Medieval houses clutter the busy streets, standing tall and proud above the scurrying citizens, their rooves patched and their doors born from solid oak. These may be the homes of the common-folk, providing shelter to the weak and poor, but they are miniature ants when compared to the splendour of the castle towering above.

Cautiously, a handsome, young king approaches the gargantuan window to the left of his quarters. His silvery-blue gaze scans the breathtaking landscape beyond, a slight smile threatening to bloom on his brooding face.

Below, the atmosphere of the marketplace lays unchanged. 

Slowly, the king drags his attention further into the distance, procrastinating even the consideration of assisting his people.

Trees as tall as skyscrapers continue to sway far in the distance, where the sea continues to crash ferociously against the still colossal cliffs. 

Steadily, he recoils from the window, strolling back towards his king-sized, glorious bed. What he was not the beautiful, awe-inspiring ocean, or the heroic trees, not even the expanse of grass.

No. What he saw was far, far worse.

On the opposite side of the island, a towering, shimmering gate stands still, an invisible heirloom of the nation's history. 

For what seems like an eternity, the gate has been still.


Finally, the glowing, gargantuan gate begins to open, brandishing beams of light brighter than the sun itself. From within the light, like a child from the womb, a tall, golden-haired girl emerges. She steps delicately away from the holy gate as it slams to a close, sending a deafening crash throughout the surroundings.

Little does she know; her destiny is greater than any who have come before her. This beautiful, awe-inspiring island will become her new home. Glory and power will be returned to the kingdom.

Because of her, Camelot will rise again.

The End

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