Sneaking Out

I look out past the acropolis to where the simple stone buildings of the village line up all across the valley. I have no idea which house was once mine, but it excites me to imagine the search. I look down at myself, prim and proper. If I want to go, I can't look like I am from the acropolis, it won't be the same. I rummage through the box all my possessions are stored in, and find buried at the bottom, my old chiton, sandals and Akantha's cloak. I change quickly, thinking about how I will avoid the attendants, or if they'll try and stop me at all. I could pretend I was going for a stroll, but in my uniform, I will look suspicious. I throw the cloak around me, luckily one that looks similar to the ones the attendants wear.

Quietly, I head down the stairs, though it's impossible to stop the clack of my sandals against the marble. At the bottom, I lean slightly out of the doorway to check if the coast is clear. To my left, a couple attendants in veils are heading straight for me, and I lean back into the shadows as they pass, my back striking the step edge with a sharp thump. I recover, pulling up the hood so that it hides my face, and walk slowly, piously through the collonade, peeking at the tables and ornaments being arranged at my peripheral. I reach the door and pull with all my strength, realising how strong Thatty must be to open and close it all day long. 

Outside, I see he isn't on duty, absently wondering if he's at home with Mother, hoping so, then taking special care as I descend the marble stairs into the courtyard, walking quicker as I see the front gate and the path leading down the mountain and back home.

The End

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