Come along all, Ms Martinez's school of Latin dance
7:30 - 8:30 every Saturday night.

£5 a lesson

This poster was perfect! I was beginning to wonder how I was going to get Darren interested in dance. Here was my chance. I had been graduated six months before, assigned to Darren Miller, average school boy but by no means interested in dancing. My job was to give him a dance idea. Not exactely easy.

'Amelie!' I turned my and looked into the oncoming tide of teenagers spilling out of English, and I felt smile creep onto my face as I spotted Darren among them.

As soon as he got to me, I pulled him aside.

'Look at this!' I squealed, feigning major girlie excitement, pointing out the poster.

'What about it?' he was indifferent.

'You know how I love dancing!'

'Go then.'

'It's Latin. I need a partner.' he stared at me blankly whille I looking back, smiling sweetly. Eventually he got it.

'What? No-o.'

'Pleasey-please pleeeeease?' I pouted.

He turned around
'I have a class to get to.'

I grabbed his arm.
'Daz, I'll do anything If you just come with me? I'll - I'll buy you pizza! Socks? I'll persuade Hannah to go on a date with you! I'll do your homework for a month!'

He turned to me again.
'Okay. If it means so much to you I'll do it. But you have to get me that movie, Deep time race with Llama hats - I'm not sixteen yet. And you pay for the classes.'

'Sure.' I hugged him and ran off down the corridor, just as the bell went, so excited that I ran into a wall.

The End

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