The world is full of creatures who protect and assist the human population. Amongst these are the Muses, beings who, on their sixteenth birthdays, are given an Idea, a powerful object from Ideón, a magical tree which fruits what may alter the lives of humanity. But only the destined Muse may succeed, and so their missions begin to become the unsung legends spoken of only in myth and whisper...the artists of inspiration.

Have you ever wondered where ideas come from?

If you ask somebody, they might tell you that an idea is a sequence of neurons triggered like bullets throughout the brain, another may say a collection of images, smells and sounds pieced together like a puzzle into a brand new creation, forged and sealed within the mind. Another may just shrug and say that ideas “just happen”, either because they do not know, or they fear to know. I suppose we don’t always think about it, and sometimes, we don’t always think at all.

Are ideas truly fragments of ourselves, information spun into something new? Or are they already fully formed when they are planted, not by us, but by others? Who makes this idea, who decides who they are given to, and to who they are denied? Who chooses between two equal men and allows one to change the world, leaving the other to simply watch?

Perhaps there are no differences between dreams and ideas, perhaps they are raw inspiration misinterpreted, known only in languages of the night. Neurons fire at two hundred times a second, that’s two hundred streams of thought, and of those two hundred, which one matters? Which one will create equality, or cure disease, which one will destroy a city or murder an innocent?

Many might wonder all of this, but not me. I have lived a life for sixteen years, then I will die, and be reborn in dedication to ideas, to the art of inspiration. For all of this time, I have lived under the wings of those who mould a race of people who believe that what is "just happened". For sixteen years, I have waited for the moment I would become as the sisters before me, the unsung legends, the silent heroines, the complacent gods. 

You see, I am destined to become a Muse, an artist of inspiration.

The End

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