Artists of Inspiration

There are two worlds: Earth, the world of the humans, and Oneirus, the world of the Muses. These creatures exist to inspire the human race, raised in the arts until their sixteenth birthdays when they are given an Idea from Ideón, a magical tree which fruits what may alter the lives of humanity. The Muses begin their missions to become the unsung legends from myth and whisper...

There is nothing with greater potential than an idea.

When one strikes, the possibilities are unimaginable and there is nothing that can stop it once it has been born. But if you asked somebody where an idea came from, there would undoubtedly be many responses. One might say that it is a sequence of neurons triggered like bullets through the brain, another that they are old images and senses ravelled together into something new. Most will probably say they "just happen" and leave it at that, not caring to know, or fearing to know. I suppose sometimes we don't think about it, just as sometimes we don't think at all.

But in my world, ideas are the very foundation of our world, and without them, some of us would say that there is no reason for us. I'm not sure if my kind is any different from yours, in culture certainly, but I believe we are the same in character and what we desire most; accomplishment.

For me, my desire is to become a Muse.

I have dreamt of this since I was a young girl, when I had seen beautiful girls swathed in black and white ascending the Twins of Oneirus to the sacred acropolis, living in a world far greater than my own. And now I wait with them, learning as best I can for a day that will arrive on my sixteenth birthday, when I will depart my world for the unknown, reborn in the dedication to inspiration as if it is an art form.

That is my fate, and to be quite honest, it terrifies me.

The End

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