Artificial HeartMature

A man creates and artifical child as his own. With her organs from smokers and cancer patients , they leave her with a new disease that seems uncruable. A story of love and tradegy. +Warning: If you dont like gore or hate sad endings then dont read it...."


His face grew red with anger; her mangled corpse was sprawled across the table in front of him. Tears burned against his red face.  He gently picked up the girls corpse and held it close, her blood stained his white shirt. He made the girls face, face his. The flesh on the girls face was pretty much all gone and the only thing on her body that was recognized was the crimson colored eyes. He pressed his lips against the shattered teeth of the caved in skull and whispered “I love you.” The boy pressed the sharp part of his pocket knife against the tender flesh of his neck. Without any hesitation the boy slit the tender flesh open and let the blackness of his blood pour from his body and onto the corpse of his lover. He left the world with a smile on his face.

                The soft tap of heels clicked against the cement sidewalk. The woman’s blonde hair blew with the air of the cold night. Her pale complexion glowed in the darkness; her blue eyes twinkled with the stars. The woman was perfect for his first victim. The woman continued walking, her destination probably to home, he thought.  She licked her lips and pulled out a stick of red lipstick, with gentle swifts of her hands she made the line of red perfectly along the tenderness of her lips, she flicked the hair of her shoulder and continued on walking. Its getting late, he thought. He waited for awhile until the girl was clearly out of view from civilians on the street and somewhere loud where her scream wouldn’t be heard. Perfect! In a quick movement he pounced at the woman from the darkness he was hiding in and quickly slit her throat open. She let out a strangled gasp before she fell on the ground and bled to death. Her eyes stayed open, wide with shock. The murderer laughed quietly to himself and dragged her away.

                After dragging the corpse a long distance, leaving a clear trail of blood along the cement, he dropped it. The woman’s head dropped suddenly and split open, the brains spread all over the ground like butter on toast. “Fuck, an even bigger mess to clean up!” The man cursed to himself and began operating on the corpse. He pulled a scalpel put of his long black trench coat and cut open the woman’s carcass, slowly he pulled the heart out, cutting the nerves and veins attached with it. “Mm, isn’t she going to be happy tonight~” He said to himself as he placed the heart into a glass bottle and into the side bag he had been carrying along with him. The man shrugged his shoulders, and flipped his long dust colored hair over his shoulder. The man thought that whoever found the woman’s corpse could clean it up for him.

                “Darling, I’m home~” The man took off his blood stained coat and hung it onto a coat rack. His white t-shirt glowed in the darkness of his home, his tattered ripped jeans was covered in dirt and dried blood. He took his pants of and shirt and left them mangled and dirty on the floor. His boxers had the pattern of skulls on them. He walked to the door of his cellar and opened it slowly. “Darling~ I’m coming down, I hope you didn’t leave a mess for me to clean up this time~” He quickly walked down the stairs with the glass jar that contained the heart. He reached the bottom floor and opened three more doors on his way. Sitting in a chair in front of him was a little girl. Her black hair stuck to her naked back from new blood. Her eyes were wide open, blankly starring at the man. He crimson eyes were glowing like flashlights, reveling the ripped open corpses and blood splattered around the room. Lying in front of the girl was a corpse of a maid of some sort, the blouse on the woman was torn open as well as her chest. The heart was missing. “Darling, these maids cost me good money, if you keep killing them well, I’ll become dirt poor again.”  He giggled as he placed the glass jar with the blonde woman’s heart on the table beside the girl, and picked up the maids corpse. Some of the maid’s organs began to slide out of her and onto his body. The girl quickly ran over to the glass jar and pulled the heart out; her eyes examined every part of it. She pinched a vein and watched the blood trickle out into a big bubble. She pinched another hole into the vein, and she watched the two bubbles of blood join, and soon burst into a big puddle of blood onto her hand. She moved her hair of her chest, to reveal a large zipper on her chest. She unzipped the zipper. Her organs were all different shaped, she had tar covered lungs, clogged arteries, knotted veins, and lots of other messed up shit. She had everything but a heart, until now. She took the heart the man had given to her and sewed it in her with a thick black string. She smiled, and made her way upstairs to her father. 

                  “Oh, you like it? I thought you would, it seemed fresh and young.” He smiled; he was dissecting the maid’s body. He stopped and placed the scalpel down beside the corpse on the table and walked over to his daughter. “All I need to get you now, is a voice box, of a child your age.” The man embraced the young girl into a hug, and then quickly put on his blood stained clothes and coat. “Dinners on the table~”

                    Small children were playing in a school yard, some where playing tether ball, and others were running around seeing which kid could spin faster. The man stood in the middle of the school yard, watching each one, searching for a voice perfect for his daughter. One of the teachers had noticed the man standing there with his blood stained clothes. She walked up to him and said with a stern voice “Sorry sir, but you must come to the office to pick up your child.”

”Well, lets just make it quick, my daughter is the one that has the most beautiful singing voice”
He smiled at the woman.

Her eyes widened in confusion and fear, she didn’t want to anger the stranger since he seemed dangerous. “What’s your name sir?” She asked.

”My name is Vincent Heart.” He smiled gently at the woman. “Oh yes, the blood on my coat. Sorry, but I came straight from work, I’m a butcher.”

 A smile child walked over to the both of them. She told the teacher that Jonathon was making fun of her singing.  The woman smiled lightly and asked the young girl to sing for her. Vincent’s eyes widened, he snickered to himself. He had found the perfect voice for his daughter.

”Miss, this is my daughter.” He smiled again.

The End

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