Arsonist: Unofficial Plans

As Charlie walked to the fence, he did not seem too happy.  And deep down, it disappointed me.  I'd hoped that burning the crotchety ol' dog's house would bind us together in ways most people would or could never understand. 

Perhaps I'd been wrong.

"Ya?  What do you wanna talk about?" I asked him.
"Things?! You want to talk about things," My eyebrows met, "well that narrows it down a lot Charlie," I followed him as he walked along his side of the fence. "We're 16 years old, Charlie not 5.  If you have something to tell me, tell me!"

He said nothing.  He only walked, one foot ahead of the next, in a steady pace.  I could hardly keep up with him to barrage him with a good dose of reality,

"What is it?  You hate me, now, huh? is that what it is.  I made you see what you really are; what you're really capable of, and now you're going to shoot the messenger?  Huh?" I stabbed a finger at him, as he rounded the corner, the lighter sparking on and off - both of our eyes obsessed with the flame it created, "Well, let me tell you Charlie, we are better than this place." he took a step towards me, and to stood my ground.

"I know," he said.
"Don't you disagree with ...." I stopped.  My mind rewound, "What?"
"I said, I know!"
"You know what?"
"We're better than this place,"
"You know?" I was dumbfounded; he took another step.

"Well there you go," I waved a hand and nodded at him knowingly, "That will show you not to argue with me then."

"Shut up!" he said, gripping the back of my head and pressing his lips hard against mine.  Our mouths opened and we explored each other in the most passionate kiss I'd ever experienced!  Our lips smacked, and he burried his nose in the nape of my neck and he sniffed and kissed it - and it set my blood aboil.  My breath was ragged, my heart was in the throat, my legs shook and my back arched my pelvis into him. 

"What is happening," i found myself asking.
"I don't know," charlie answered, "All i can think about is you and the fire. I can't have one without the other.  " he sighed and held me, and i took his face between my hands and i kissed him again.

"Tibby!" Mom called from the back.  DAMN IT!
"Cripes," Charlie pulled away, like i was a plague.  So much for bliss.

"No," i said, taking his hands, shaking my head.  "No charlie, i don't want to be apart!  We SHOULD be together,"
"But your mom... "
"Meet me in the backyard at Midnight... after that we will be together," I smiled.. "Forever!"

The End

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