Scene 1, Act 6

Millie steps outside, checking her watch for a couple seconds.

MILLIE, her voice echoing across the courtyard: Everyone, inside! We'll be checking in ten minutes!

JENNIFER, in a sarcastic tone: We'd better go. They're pretty strict about their checks.

AMANDA, in a more serious tone than Jennifer: If you're unable to be found, they might give you shocks.

JENNIFER, turning to walk inside: If they do find you, that is.

Amanda eagerly follows Jennifer inside, leaving Joan and Rose walking together.

JOAN: Is it just me, or do they give you the creeps, as well?

ROSE: Honestly? Pause. I can't stand her.

JOAN: I don't think anyone can. Not even the nurses. She rolls her eyes.But it seems she has this type of creepy leadership over the asylum.

ROSE: Well, every high school's got to have someone like that.

JOAN: This isn't high school, Miss Rose. She rolls up the sleeve of her dark jacket and checks her watch. Come on, we'd better get going.

The two girls pick up their pace and head into the building, down the busy halls. They finally get to their room and sit down on their beds. Rose continues unpacking her things, and Joan looks in her suitcase again, as though she's searching for something. Finally, she pulls out a small framed picture of her with a boy.

ROSE, looking up at the picture: Who's that?

Joan sets the picture up on her bedside table, fiddling with it.

JOAN: A guy I knew.

ROSE: Oh? That's nice.

JOAN: Yeah. She sits back down on her bed. He's dead now.

A short awkward pause floats between them.

ROSE, after a while: I'm sorry.

JOAN, with a quick shake of her head: No, it's alright.

A nurse in a white outfit comes in with a clipboard. The girls freeze.

NURSE: Checking.

She leaves without another word.

JOAN, turning back to Rose: Well, that's inconvenient.

ROSE: I'll say. There's got to be at least thirty rooms in here that they've got to check.

Suddenly, the girls' door flies open, making both Joan and Rose jump backwards. Jennifer pokes her head in.

JENNIFER, in a whisper: They've checked on you, right?

Rose slowly nods as Joan tries to regain her composure.

JENNIFER: Alright. She motions out the door, coming inside with both Jessica and Amanda. Jessica would like to apologize.

JESSICA: I never--

JENNIFER, interrupting Jessica: Yes, you did. Now apologize.

The End

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