Scene 1, Act 5

Rose sees the approaching group and groans. Howard blankly stares ahead, not even looking as if he saw them, or if he even cared where he was. David furrows his brow slightly, something of fear flickering in his eye as the group makes a scattered half-circle around them just as they had done with Joan.

 JENNIFER: You must be the three others that girl was talking about. Who are you?

HOWARD: You don't really care. Shakes head and turns, strolling in the opposite direction. Mutters, Wouldn't waste my time talking with those....

AMANDA: What did he just say?

DAVID: Quickly Nothing.

AMANDA: What's wrong with him?

ROSE: Frowns None of your business.

JESSICA: It really is. Might as well get to know one another--you'll be seeing us every day for the rest of your life.

ROSE: What, can you see the future? Is that why you're here?

JESSICA: Takes step forward, crosses arms. No. What's wrong with you?

ROSE: Smiles smartly. Still, you don't get the concept of 'none of your business', do you?

JESSICA: Snarls, throws out her arms and charges Rose. Before Rose can react, Jessica kicks Rose violently in the gut, meanwhile taking Rose's hair in her fists and attempting to tear it out.

ROSE: Screams, trying to wrestle Jessica off of her.

AMANDA, JENNIFER: Also scream in panic, attempting to pull Jessica away.

DAVID: Puts hands to ears, crumples to ground. Tightly closes eyes, curls in ball as if trying to hide.

Howard watches blandly from the other side of the courtyard. Nurses in their white coats run from everywhere, working to separate the girls. Two male nurses drag Jessica kicking and screaming out of the courtyard. Rose shakes off the two holding hers and brushes off her clothes. Several nurses gather around David, trying to help him up. When the screaming stops, he simply stands up on his own and looks around as if nothing happened.

JENNIFER: Don't worry about Jessica. She's bipolar; she'll love you tomorrow.  

Nurses shake head, murmuring amongst themselves and disperse back to their former positions.

ROSE: Archy raised eyebrows. Oh?  

Brief, awkward pause.

JENNIFER: Sorry we got off at the wrong foot. I'm Jennifer, this is Amanda, and that was Jessica. I suppose we'll be seeing a lot of each other. So, what is your guys' names?

ROSE: Shortly Rose.

DAVID: David and--gestering off to Howard--that's Howard.

AMANDA: Leans in, whispers, Is he alright?

ROSE: What do you think, we're in an aslyum?

The End

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