Her path had been something no living person with conscious thought would ever cross. She had this magical air about her that seemed to captivate and frighten all at the same time. A cold, dwelling chill would wash over all who encountered her. 

Some said that one look from her could drive you into insanity, to want to kill, to want to be killed. Those that looked into her fearless eyes, well...they never got to tell that story, of course.

She was called 'The Woman' for no one knew her real name. The Woman mocked society as it was and brushed off compliments, insults, as they came to her. She didn't dwell on the thoughts or feelings of others. She never bothered herself with such silly nothings. 

But the legend stated she fell in love.

That cold, heartless, magical creature who cared not for anyone else fell in love?

Of course, something like that cannot be true. One who feels not can love not, right? She couldn't care. She didn't want...'distractions'. 

So why did she let herself get caught up in the sweet whispers through the wall? Why did she let her guard slip and allow someone into her life? What power could have captivated the captivator to an extent that she willingly fell to her own destruction?

The Man with Power.

He was rich, he had the world in his hands, and he could dispose of it at any moment. Some say it was a mission, and others say it was just a mistake she wound herself into her situation.

The popular choice of that was that she'd been assigned to go into a man's life, seduce him, and gain his trust enough to be able to kill him, taking the power from his hands and giving it to her employer. 

The problem with that was that the man was not a snobbish, rich bastard who deserved death. The problem was that he was sweet, that he gave to charities, that he loved all people. The problem was that she fell in love with him the day she met him.

No one knows exactly how she died, or when, even. They just know that, one day, the Man with Power was found lifeless in a ditch and the Woman was never to be seen again. A note was all that was left.

My Sweet,

I am sorry for my abrupt leave. I am sorry for the lies I have told you and that I have mislead you thus far. I wish I could stay and let you know how much I love you, and that I'd never leave if I got the chance. You will always be in my thoughts, my heart, my soul.

Forever Yours,


She left and was never heard of again.

Until twenty years later, though not in the way most would expect.

The End

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