Army of elements

I groaned as I read the message.  Meet us in training grounds were you will meet your team.  I hate getting told who is in my team as there is always people I don't like. There is nothing I can do though as they are the military and I am merely the soldier.  I slowly walk out of my dorm and head for the training grounds.  On the training grounds is the my officer around him is two teens. Both around my age.  I recognized one immediately by his flaming red hair and his blue cloak with red flames licking the bottom. The other is a female with a delicate almost child like figure. This appearance was ruined with the wisdom behind her misty blue eyes.  "Anita." The officer said as I walked up to them. "These are your new teammates. Water and Spirit. He explained.  I could tell the male was water because of his watery blue eyes so I guessed the female was Spirit.  "This will be your team mate. You will learn to become friends and be like family as you go out on missions but first you must learn to work together as a team." He continued. He pointed behind him at the large training course.  I sighed inwardly but made my face lighten up.  "Good. Let's see what we can all do." I said to the others.  The officer nodded and them raised his hands the ground below us threw us into the air and the training began.
The End

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