Who I amMature

Madeline looked into the mirror to prepare for what was to come. It was almost a year now that she had been kept in containment by the Armistice Guard but thankfully the days had been kind to her. Her reflection was still alluring as it always has been, blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, and today  she decided to wear the form fitting victorian style dress she came here with due to the free movement it gave her.

    In the 9 by 6 room she was kept away in, Madeline paced herself back and forth planning out in her head what would happen. It was almost time.

Then suddenly the foundations of the construct shook, but there was no alarm to be heard and the room was sound proof. She rushed over the intercom and pressed one of three buttons.

    “Verena what’s happening!?” Madeline asked in desperation. There was no response.

The End

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