Part IIMature

    “I guess our type isn’t much for small talk.” the Overseer looked around for a quick moment due to an old habit of triple checking, “Verena.” he called for the IAI of this installation.

    “Yes Overseer?” quickly all the files were once again neatly and orderly stacked into a pile and Verena presented her holographic self in the middle of the terminal. Due to her installation’s affiliation and background her avatar was professional looking and very similar to the uniform Armistice Guard personnel wore.

    “You have access to new files, present them to RID 712.”

    “Yes Overseer. Presenting the files and logs now.” the large black screen on the left of RID 712 became active and it played photos documents and other classified intelligence.

    “What is this?” RID 712 turned his body to give his full attention to the files. It was a like deja vu, the photos and files were just like those from war.

    “Several incidents gone from bad to worse.” the Overseer said ashamed of the fact that he could not prevent it. RID 712 stared at the screen for a moment more.

    “What does this have to do with me?” he finally asked as he turned to the Overseer.

    “As you can see, we aren’t winning. There are other forces out there trying to destroy the Armistice Guard, this cannot happen. The Armistice Guard is what keeps society from collapsing, but you, you have been removed from society so it’s a good question, ‘what does this have to do with me.’ We need something to even the odds, and you want to search for something you’ve lost. If you cooperate the Armistice Guard will help you find what you’re missing and your RID status will be erased. Sounds fair doesn’t it? Or you can simply stay as you are.”

    RID 712 took a moment to think it over even though the answer was clear.

    “I choose my freedom.” the Overseer smiled and walked over to him.

    “Wise decision, however..." the Overseer reached for his holster on his belt and pulled out his handgun then pointed it centimeters away from RID 712’s skull, "If you disobey my command,” “you will be executed on spot.”

The End

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