Origins IMature

“Congratulations ladies and gentlemen we have created the first sapient AI.” the scientists and researches cheered, clapped and rejoiced. Hard work and determination had finally paid off, and paid off in a short time, compared to other projects of the same complexity that is. When the cheers were over the leading researcher continued to evaluate the RID-1A.

    “Hello, can you understand me?” he spoke loud and clearly so that RID-1A’s speaker could hear him with certainty.

    “Yes I can understand you.” RID-1A vocalized a robotic voice. The researchers in the background were excited and anxious to see what exactly they had created.

    “Okay RID-1A we are going to expose you to political science and some Armistice Guard intel,  we want you to do as you wish within reason.”

“Acknowledged.” the lead researcher looked at one of his peers beside him and nodded his head to indicate that they were ready to begin testing. He pressed a button and in an instant RID-1A was connected to entire databanks dedicated to political science and also history as far back as the Napoleonic Era.

Suddenly RID-AI started to change. His coding was all over the place with new lines being added and deleted, his settings adjusted and his storage memorized all that he had witnessed but not only that, it was clear that new data was being added, something we would call ‘thoughts.

    In the center of the room was a prototype terminal which allowed for holographic items to be moved by physical means. It was there that RID-1A assembled and  revealed his holographic self

    “I understand now.” RID-1A spoke in a normal voice of a young man. His physical appearance was data that formed human anatomy and he looked down at his hands curious and alive.

The End

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