For BloodMature

Madeline's First Diary Entry.


I hate this place. I would love nothing more but to escape this harsh reality. They have kept me in the asylum for three months now, they keep telling me over and over that my cooperation will speed up the process of being realeased, but I cannot help but to think that they are dishonest. They want to know about the Anisos geass, this they can never know, how can they know when we ourselves do not? Over and over the so called researchers have put me through academic, psychological, and physical testing. It is the same everyday, I wake up and all I see is the plain white ceiling, I go through more testing then I am locked away in my cell.

In all honesty this would not be so bad if it were not so lonely. My room is moderate sized nothing special, they have given me a closet with dresses that I would normally wear, a table with few art supplies to entertain myself, and of course this diary. Everything else is so dull and silent. So silent. I want to run barefoot again in the garden my aunts, sisters, cousins, and grandmother looked over. I want to listen to the stories my grandfather and uncles would tell me. I would love to see my family again. I do not belong here, yet the only way to reclaim my human rights is through telling them what they would like to hear.

The End

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