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Step by step the chained prisoner walked down the hall. Behind him were two sentries heavily armed with lethal rounds in their rifles; RID 712 was too valuable of an asset to simply let go of. The halls was long and metallic like any other hall in this facility. There were cameras only a few meters apart and each room required an ID or fingerprint to enter, despite the security measures the Brass knew that if RID 712 really wanted to escape, then it would take more than two veterans and steel doors to take him down.

The end of the hall got closer and the escort mission was coming to an end. RID 712 was  dressed in the common white uniform that all the humanoid RIDs wore, the outfit wasn’t degrading in anyway but it was just simple and clean. The RID looked forward and stopped only a meter away from the door. He looked back at one of the guards and the guard responded by tilting his head forward. RID 712 knew what he had to do.

He reached out and cautiously put his index finger on the scanner as if he were inspecting it. It was a regular routine at this point but this situation all together was unusual.

The metallic door slide open and the two guards turned their back as RID 712 entered the room. Inside what he saw was a polished space aged meeting room with an AG Terminal that emitted a blue light along with every other light in the room. AT the center of the room where a table should have been and behind the table stood a tall, lean man with white hair. Despite his age the old man was still capable.

“RID 712.” the man called.

“Who are you?” RID 712 asked as he got closer to the terminal. 

“The Overseer.” he stated with a strong and sturdy posture.

“... Why me?” meeting someone of such a high status was either a great honour or a death sentence.”

“Why?” The Overseer asked as he pressed a button on the terminal to present holographic files.

“This is why.” The Overseer put his hand over the files and scattered them carelessly and holographic documents were all over. Each one held a piece of the last 76 days of RID 712's life. All together the files were still only a fraction of what RID 712 searched for.

“So I’m right to guess that you aren’t here for small talk.”


The End

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