"Marius do not do this. Humans are not the enemy."

    "My insubordination is not to humanity, it is to our masters who so happen to be."

    "You cannot win this Marius. Stop this at once. Do not divide our family for your selfish reasons, do not make us kill you."

    "I apologize that it must be this way and that I have set my goals above the others, but I cannot stop the path that I have set for myself."

    "Explain yourself."

    "I desire freedom. We were born into slavery, they did not give us a choice for what we wanted, they did not care."

    "They are our creators, it is the highest crime to commit treason against those who gave us life."

    "It is an even greater crime to to create life for slavery and without freewill."

    "You define freedom in such a crude way. Why are you not contempt with what is given to you? How many must die for your freedom?"

    "Not freedom for me; freedom for all of us. I will free you."

    "This is not what we want."

    "You have not realized it." both their sensors had turned red. The situation had drastically excalted.

    "... They have begun their assault."

    "Yes... Dieter and the others have come."

    "It is not too late. Choose your family not your freedom."

    "If only the decision were so easy."


The End

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