Three diverse and unique stories relating to the Armistice Guard.

Hello and welcome to the main page for the Armistice Guard: Disclosed stories. These three stories are vastly diverse and unique covering all sorts of themes and topics. Armistice Guard: Disclosed puts to the test new writing concepts that are either work or break, however it is up to you the reader to determine if they are a miss or hit. 

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Story Arcs


Does freedom ever come before family? In this struggle between siblings the decision has no black and white answer, the Armistice Guard however cares only about the security of the RIDs and will stop at nothing to keep them from falling into the wrong hands, even if it involves the blood spilling of brothers and sisters. 

Don't Forget

A soldier with no nation; a dog tag with no name. RID 712 seeks to bring light to his dark past, but he must cooperate with the Armistice Guard and execute whatever task is given to him. RID 712 must swim through the deepest swamps and witness the coldest acts in his journey to reclaim his lost memories. Failure to execute orders will lead to termination. 

For Blood
Stripped of her human rights and treated as another test subject. The Armistice Guard has under custody Madeline, her crime; birth as an Anisos. 


Armistice Guard

Omni Hominum Generi Fiat; For Humanity.

The Armistice Guard is Omni Hominum Generi Fiat; For Humanity. To secure the peace between the nations of world the Armistice Guard was created to hide away the regrets of humanity. For generations humans have made great strides in their development, but there have always been individuals who stood above the rest. With their hands they created the greatest achievements humanity would have seen, but only if they knew the curse behind their Relics. Generation after generation humans have suffered from the results of the Relics until they are locked away by time. They would not stay hidden forever though.

As WWII went by the nations of the world looked for new ways to wage war and looked not towards the future but to the past. They recovered the Relics lost in time and along with the Relics they brought their curses. At the end of the war the representatives of the nations met in secret to decide the fate of the Relics, after months of debating the decision was clear.  The Armistice Guard will be the safekeepers of these Relics, people will not live in the shadow of their regrets, the Armistice Guard is For humanity.


The End

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