300 Years ago, the Vampire Armand took over the royal city of Rosalia, killing the noble family who ruled and now commands it with an iron fist. This piece is how he did it, giving insight into the kind of character that he is. He is not the protagonist of this story, but is important nonetheless as any villain should be. I hope you enjoy.

Armand: II

Crimson...the smell permeating the air...sometimes a vampire just couldn't resist killing everything in sight. Especially Armand. The meeting hall was littered with corpses, walls virtually painted with blood splatters...the room was a mess. Once Armand forced the "Good" Baron de Lynnefar to hand over his per the words of the cult and their so called prophecy, Armand had to do this...and so he did.

"Hey, Lynnefar, I require your power. Sign it over now. Make it public. I don't care. Give me my key now or I will rip each member of your family apart before your very eyes," he said cooly, his voice poorly concealing the threat, his eyes burning with hatred. He hated humanity. They were selfish, vain, and stupid. A world without war was only possible if there was no world. Life in itself was a struggle, a battle, a war against death, a war against someone. An argument was the same thing. Humanity's selfishness would mean that there would be war over anything. The poor fight over meals in the streets, the rich fight over who's child marries who...

No. He couldn't let them cause this mistake. He sold his soul...and they would be selling theirs as well as the souls of their children and their children's children for generations until they finally Armand could NOT allow them to do this to themselves. If it meant becoming the man the world hated, then so be it. Salvation would come soon enough for him.

He grabbed the Baron by the throat, pulling him up from his position slumped against the wall in a puddle that was a mixture of his urine and the blood of the men Armand had slaughtered like the dumb animals they were. "Swine like you do not deserve to live. Are a waste of space, but I need you." He dragged the Baron de Lynnefar to the window, kicking it open and holding him over the edged as the shattered glass fell to the streets bellow.

"What will you do with that much power? You aren't even of royal-" Armand slapped him across the face, "My blood isn't dirty, isn't stained by the human sense of foolish royalty. You are all the same. All of you are foolish, unworthy, ungrateful ants, and I will not wait until you are all cleansed from this world," he slammed the man's head against the wall, "and I will not spare anyone. Now give me your power."

Baron de Lynnefar walked onto the balcony of his small castled and swallowed hard. This was the hardest thing he would ever do. Behind him lay his wife, a handful of her hair grasped tightly in the clutches of that animal named Armand. If he didn't anounce his retirement, she died. If he did, Armand promised he would be merciful. He cleared his throat, looking out upon the masses of people who lived in Rosalia. Looking upon the many faces of the people who loved him and his family..."My people, with great regret, I must anounce my retirement from office. I leave you in more than capable hands as my successor is new to our lands, our fair king has sent him to take my position. And so, Without further ado, I hand over my signet ring to him," Lynnefar turned and watched as Armand snapped his wife's neck, eyes locked onto his own the entire time, before walking toward him.

Taking the ring, Armand adressed the crowd, "My people, it has come to our good king's attention that this man, your former leader was a traitor, a coward, and a liar. The king has told me that war was on the horizon from the beginning, and that I was to take the place of the man who would so intstigate such treasons. and so now, I present to you a gift! Guards, bring to me this traitor!" He smiled as the guards grabbed their once beloved leader, and the crowds murmered in dissent. Was it true? Could he really have been a traitor?

The guards carried the man to Armand. Taking the defeated man, Armand ripped his head off, spinning it on his fingertip before kicking it up and out into the crowd, dumping his body as well. "And now, my people, to celebrate!"

The End

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