Armageddon's Children

Everyone thought Armageddon would hit with a blast. Nuclear bombs and whatnot... It didn't even cross our minds that evolution would destroy us. We always thought of evolution as adaptive, good for a species...until the day I and my sister were born.

They were brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. 

The religious called them Armageddon's Children, the scientific community referred to them as 'The Evolved'…most people just call them monsters now.

It was in our DNA this entire time.

Everyone says that I was the last human born, but that's not entirely accurate. They are humans too, they might be more human than us depending on who you ask.

I'm rambling…I do that a lot.

It's because I don't know where to begin.

Back in the early 2000's people didn't know as much about DNA. They said that something like 60% of human DNA is inactive. Prehistoric stuff that we evolved out of. We didn't need it anymore.

What they didn't consider was that the inactive links were not part of our past, but our future. That something in our body was suppressing natural evolution. I was born on March 14th, 2013 at 10:57 PM. My identical twin sister was born just 3 minutes later. That's why they consider me the last human, and her as the first Evolved. There are records that show Evolved born within those 3 minutes, but we were the proof that it wasn't a disease. Scientists used to study us. My sister and I.

They needed to find the difference. Our DNA was identical but we were radically different. Why did the DNA decide to activate now? What had kept it from doing so earlier? 

They didn't find their answers before things went to Hell.

Comparatively, as a species, humans are smart, you have to give us that. But we needed to be smart because if you think about it, evolution was unkind to us. We think of creatures with 'exoskeletons' as strange, but if you think about it, how is that not brilliant? The largest human organ is the skin. Our organs are exposed to the outside world. Our fleshy exterior is just waiting to get us killed.

The evolved have scales dense enough that a knife will not penetrate it without great force. Their bone is more dense. They see better in day and at night. They can hear better as well. Their spines are curved slightly which makes it easier for them to move on all fours. They still walk upright most of the time…unless they are hunting. They are smart, but in a different way. Their voice boxes have changed and they cannot speak any of our languages well, if at all. 

The world had trouble with the changes at first, but we tried to accommodate. These were part of us.. This shaky peace lasted for about 13 years. 

Puberty changes them. They grow several feet in a few short months. They become highly emotional and they have no moral compass. There had been a few deaths before, but they were isolated incidents. Then they rose up and violence consumed them.

Schools banned them from the premises, and nobody knew what to do. They were too violent. But this wasn't just banning a small percent of the student population. Every single child born after March 14th was one of them. Elementary schools shut down and the government was forced to act.

Many governments acted the same way they have done throughout history. Internment camps were set up for them. It didn't last long. People came to their defense. They called it cruel and unusual until one by one they burned. The Armageddon's Children did not need advocates. They tore down the guards and escaped. It was then that they were called a threat to humanity.

It wasn't long before the forced sterilizations and the genocides. Humanity was crumbling at the seams. We were destroying ourselves and nobody could stop it. There were still advocates for these new creatures, but it was hard fought. How do you defend something that wants nothing more than to kill you. Creatures full of hate and malice and completely lacking empathy or compassion.

I felt it in my sister. She is my twin and I felt her anger. She hated me more than I could ever love her. They took her away when I was fourteen and I never saw her again. I was told she was euthanized…but I still feel her. I can feel her anger and I don't think she's gone. My parents never believed me. They mourned her, (through fake tears and a sense of relief) and told me she was never coming back.

* * * * * 

I scream again. Oh god it hurts.

"You're doing great Jennifer. You're almost done." The scientist says wiping my head with a damp towel.

One more push and the task is done. I lay back and close my eyes. I cannot look. Why did I do this? Why did I open myself up for this?

To bring him back, Jennifer. You need him in your life even though he is gone. It says.

"Jennifer." The doctor says. His voice is solemn and I feel a lump rise in my throat. It's wrong. It didn't work and I know.

But a small wail fills the room and everything changes. I open my eyes and look up at my son and my heart soars. He is there. My baby boy is laying in his arms and he is not an evolved. 

"It's a success." He says with a smile. There are other men in the room and some are watching from the other side of a one way mirror. A cry of triumph rings out. Men and women are patting themselves on the back and congratulating one another but I don't care.

Tears stream down my face as I reach out to take my baby boy.

"Not to burst our own bubbles people, but while this initial success with Serum 143B is exciting…the testing is far from over." One man says and a hush falls over the group. It is Sam, the head scientist.

I will raise my son in a lab, but I don't care. All I need is him to be with me. As the world collapses around us. I am no longer the last human. I know now that the world can recover. 

The End

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