Arkham Asylum Archives Patient Profile No#238

Johnathon Crane is a mild-mannered psychiatrist specialising in fear.

Arkham Asylum Archives Patient Profile No#238


Name: Johnathon Crane

Age: 29

Height: 5'8

Assigned Doctor: Dr.Kellerman

Psychological Assesment: Unassesed at present though shows some of the rudimetary signs of sociopathy, depersonalization disorder, schizophrenia and psychosis however can seem prefectly sane in what seems to be completely by his own will power.

Patient interview number one:

"Patient interview number one. The patients seems to be suffering various delusions from the impact that the sudden loss of his wife, children and parents have left upon him."

"Leave me alone, leave me alone you monster!"

"Oh, I'm not a monster, Dr.Combs."

-Sound of gurgling and choking-

"Y-y-yes you are!"

-Sounds of struggle followed by deep, relieved breaths-

"He's in here! Dr.Combs!"

-Noise of a door bashing in-

"Note to self: It's difficult to psycho-analyise patients in such a stressfu-"

"Got ya!"

-Lots of rushing footsteps-

"Oh my god... He's pierced Dr.Comb's windpipe!"

"With his hands?"

"I don't see what else he could've used."

-Sound of laughter-

"Patient interview over!"


Conclusion of this interview:

We are not to allow Johnathon Crane to be interviewed alone, ever and he must be within a few feet of a guard at all times.

Johnathon Crane seems to be somewhat gleeful upon the psychological analysis and subsequent breakdown of unwilling patients and likes to use a person's fear against them... I do not believe he's insane... Quite the opposite in-fact but that cannot begin to explain his fascination with fear however, one could explain his fascination with his past career as a psychologist... But no psychologist could be so cruel... Could he?







The End

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