End of Chap. 5Mature

Lord Christos reached down and rapidly removed the axe with one hand, blood sprayed through the air mostly from the end of the axe, Marsden winced and then Christos pointed the palm of his free hand at the girl, “Consortum belats fortooka ba Y’en!”

            Marsden had only seen Lord Christos summon the power from beyond two times, and they were both to destroy enemies of unfathomable strength. Both times he had passed out from the exertion… Blue flames ignited from his eyes, everything went eerily silent and a blue light filled the room.

Magical energy began to form in the space in front of Christos’s palm. Blue light crackled into existence, smaller sparkles of blue floated about his hand and arm.

            He was straining particularly hard, his arm trembled heavily attempting to contain and instruct the powers from beyond infinity. A large vein throbbed on his temple, beads of sweat formed across his forehead and upper lip. The raw energy finished gathering and the blue fire from his eyes vanished.

A beam of white light emitted from his hand and into the girl’s gushing wound. The white light bounced about as the blood returned to her body and the wound sealed itself shut. The white light faded away.

The large man stumbled backward, as if he was going pass out. Marsden didn’t react toward him, again his concerns were elsewhere.

Ramwolf and Blahna ran to their lord’s side, where Blahna caught his axe that Christos had been clutching during the incantation and they eased him onto the bed. Blahna took note of the impression of Christo’s grip in the wooden handle of the axe as he put it away.

Marsden looked down to the sorceress… Was it too late? Had her spirit faded from this world and into the next?

            A sharp cough changed that line of questioning! Another cough, and gasping for breath, he went to her instinctually, and helped her sit up against the leg of the small table. He looked at where her wound was, there was a hideous scar, but … it didn’t matter, she was alive.

He looked into the fully bright green eyes and felt his mind reeling in a million directions, relief, sadness, joy, anger… All mixed up, but he laughed and embraced her, and then they sobbed together for a moment. Tears fell freely from them both.

            “Melise?” Marsden managed through his sobbing.

            “Yes Marsden?” She had remembered his name! After all this my name had stuck! Amazing! Truly amazing.

            “I thought we’d lost you.”

            “You brought me back.”

            “What?” Marsden looked over to Lord Christos then back down to her, his brow wrinkled from confusion, “No, no, I didn’t do anything Lord Chris—” Marsden held his pointed hand up and was turning his head, when she interjected.

            “You were calling my name. Over and over,” she said, then a brilliant smile appeared, “I had to come back, so you would shut up!”

            Marsden laughed again and they embraced once more. Yassym trailed into the room, breathing very heavily, perspiration drenching him from under his arms, head, neck and waist…

            “I’m … here … “ He squeezed out between large deep gasps, he placed his hands on his hips, “Those … steps … so many … why? …” Yassym looks around the room, “What … did … I miss?”
            “Only a resurrection,” Christos said as he stood once more.

            “Oh,” the wiry man looked down at him and Melise, his breath became abruptly calm, “Oh yes I see…”

The End

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