Things are never as they first seemMature

Marsden easily moved over to her, on his hands and knees afraid to even touch her, thinking he could easily worsen the situation.

But he felt he had to do something. He gently moved her arm away from her face, Ramwolf came near, and stood in silence, peering over Marsden’s shoulder, arms crossed against his taut chest.

            He had gripped around her wrist and could feel her heartbeat, her pulse, dwindling. Marsden laid her arm, as gently as he could, to her side, blood dribbled from her mouth, and only a bit was seen from the wound where the axe was still lodged, which actually kept the blood from escaping rapidly as it would have normally.

He saw the fear in her tear-filled eyes, she knew what was happening, even though things were still pretty scrambled inside her mind, the coldness of death’s grip was easily recognizable.

            “Marsden…” She whispered, as she tried to raise a hand toward him, “M-mars… den…”

            Marsden whispered to her, trying to soothe her, softly grasping her hand, “Please, don’t talk, save your strength, there is a wizard coming, he can save you…”

            “That, that is what … he called you,” She managed, but it was only through gasping breaths that the words came, she winced, “Grom…?”

            “Yes, my name is Marsden Braxton,” her hand trembled even more so now and he tried to steady her, she was wavering and very cold, as the creek in the dead of winter, “Now, please be still, don’t talk, you need to conserve your strength…”

            As much as he tried to instill reassurance in his voice, even he too began to tremble, this girl having mastered several magicks, had been drawn into a dark, unforgiving place, from which there was no return and Grom was going to assure that his plans went on without interruption.

            Footsteps charged up the steps, Yassym! He could save her!

Blahna was the first to enter, he was breathing hard and sweat dripped through his short brown hair, and down his muddy face. He reached down and moved the smashed door off to the side.

Marsden took a longer look at the Knight this time. It seemed his hard leather armor had taken quite a beating, there were a few new gashes on it. He caught sight of an open wound on his shoulder and across the side of his head, which was now caked in his hair and around his ear. Blahna often ignored such injuries, saying they added “charact’r”.

He carried another heavy axe on his back, two throwing axes hung from each side of his waist and two very small ones were holstered onto the side of his boots. He then looked up to Blahna’s face and the look on it was not one of reprieve and hope that Marsden thought it would be. That is if Yassym was coming up the stairs.

The End

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