Hard to trust sorceressesMature

His brown hair was cut the same as his cousin’s, King Jehosh himself, long enough to see the waviness of it, short enough to be out of the way. His one eye was easily visible as it was dark brown and appeared as a large black spot moving against the white of his eye.

            Marsden’s brain was still in the mode of processing the events that had just occurred. Time came to be as if it was pushing through a small funnel, the realization of what had happened was crashing all around him.

            “No…” Was all he managed, Marsden ran over to the young woman, and got down on one knee, she lay with an arm covering her face, with the axe fixed into the side of her midsection.  As he approached, a shimmer of yellow ran across her body and a hazy figure raised from her.

The sudden magical energies startled him, causing him to flinch backwards slightly, and onto his rear. Grom, the bastard had been an extremely powerful magic user before his body had been destroyed in a much earlier secret experiment.

He had been trying to make it so his body could turn intangible at will, but it seemed the experiment had went horribly wrong and he was now permanently transparent like some kind of demented specter and could travel anywhere and through anything and of course, possess other people’s bodies.

There were limitations to his power, of course, such as he couldn’t possess people who were conscious enough to reject him. There were other stipulations, but Marsden didn’t know them. He rejected this one on his own, as she was dying.

            “What’s ‘is?” Stunned Blahna said.

Quiet steps made their way up the staircase, as Ramwolf entered into the hall then entered the room and ran to Blahna’s side. All this happened while the foggy Grom scoffed at them.

            “You’ve won the battle this day Knights!” His voice even more high pitched and shriek-like than ever, “But the War … the War you will not win… The Dark Behemoth has not even begun to fight!”

            That maniacal laughter filled the nearly empty room as he floated away through the roof and out to another location.

Silence deadened everything for a moment then the soft cough and gasping of air from the sorceress… She was still alive!

            Marsden turned toward Blahna, looking past Ramwolf, “Blahna, go get Yassym, there’s still a chance, go quickly!”

            Blahna nodded and grumbled his agreement, he was short and stocky, but a heck of a runner, he could nearly outrun Red Steel, but his concerns were not with his fellow Knights at this moment.

Even as he looked up at Ramwolf, he could tell Marsden had made a connection with the sorceress. This woman, she had tried to reach out to him and he ignored it, but how could he have been sure that it was no trick?!

The End

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