Chap. 5 - PenanceMature

“Tell your fellow Knights to back off and I will spare your life…” She hissed.

            “I can’t do that.”

            “Why not?!”

He felt the metal grind against his voice box as she pushed on her staff even more, and his eyes began to water.

            Marsden spoke but it did not come out as clear as usual, “What guarantee do I have that you won’t harm my friends?”

            “Hmmm… clever one,” the pressure lessened some, her right eyebrow raised slightly, “You caught the drawback of my transaction, although I’d spare your life, but would have used every last resource to kill your fellow Knights.”

            “So I figured,” The blunt end mashed more into his throat, “Ackkk…” 

He thought his Adam’s apple was going to shatter from the pressure. Somehow the magic also empowered the user with unnatural strength, feeling the effects against his throat right now and it was not good.

Then she leaned in, grimacing and unsheathed his sword and threw it to the other side of the bed. He heard it clang loudly then slide across the marble and into the wall. His eyes straining to the right trying to see its location, but it was no use.

Practically helpless now, or so she thought, he calculated that if he used enough brute force quickly enough, disorienting her and escape, or buy enough time to be rescued.

He reached up, swept the staff away, grabbing it and slammed his other hand around her throat.

Using his weight and sheer strength Marsden spun around and banged her into the door. The maneuver was enough to throw off her guard and managed to separate her from her weapon.

It was a risky ploy but Marsden pulled it off somehow. He also hadn’t realized that with his adrenaline pumping, that he’d lifted her off the floor a foot or so and was holding her by only her throat.

            “Ow, please stop this, you’re hurting me,” She spoke almost as a frail child would, she squinted at him through pain-filled eyes and they had changed. They were now fully green and her skin was beginning to have some color flow back to it.

He didn’t understand what was going on, so instead of giving in, his grip tightened, she could be playing off of his sympathy for women.

Well she had a lot to learn about him, Marsden had been hurt by a lot of females during his life, even up to this point.

His mother, by leaving when he was young, his sister for abandoning him, his reading and writing teachers for scorning him for thinking differently than everyone else, his first girlfriend, the second, that one that felt it was her life’s mission to ruin his reputation at the schooling house…

The memories they continued to pour into his mind, he could feel the rage welling up inside him, and now this sorceress stood before him, tears dribbling out of her wide eyes…

The End

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