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The creature became the dark mist just as all the others had before it; he quickly turned and looked upward at the sorceress. The act had not gone unnoticed, Marsden squinted through the rain of blue and green that sprayed around him, obviously having been squirted high into the air from his initial strike.

            The sorceress was firstly horrified, then her face quickly transformed to hatred, with a bit of resentment. She leaned against her staff, a weapon of arcane origins and unknown power; it obviously heightened her dark power and emotion. It was the only thing keeping her from collapsing under the weight of her energies having been depleted.

            Again Marsden thanked the gods for the amount of stress it took on such a person having to conjure up such power. Marsden ran past Ramwolf and Templin who were hacking through squadrons just as quickly as they appeared through the opening of the castle and up the set of spiraling stairs that led to the top of the tower and where the sorceress was regaining her strength.

As Marsden came to the door, he knew it would be locked and barred shut. He backed against the opposite wall, sheathed his sword and held his shield tight against his left side. He bounced slightly, readied himself to barrel into the door and break it down.

In the small corridor he was in, he only had a few feet to gather the momentum. He charged headlong hoping it was enough, until the door opened on its own.

Two thoughts went through his mind at that moment, “Probably should’ve seen that coming,” and “I’m glad no one else was around to see that.”

            He essentially went through the doorway with all his weight forced forward. Having not anticipated the swift removal of his obstacle Marsden tumbled forward onto his shield. Just as he pulled his head up enough to see the room, the end of the sorceress’s staff stopped at his throat.

            “You realize of course I could kill you easily right now,” She spoke stern and anger ravaged her voice, but Marsden found a hint of compassion in it.

            “Y-yes,” Marsden stammered, somewhat from embarrassment, some from that she spoke the truth, as sweat glistened his forehead, a few drops formed and dripped off his face.

            “Go ahead,” Marsden stated, “Take my life.”

The End

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