Marsden had guessed a lost love or a lover lost to the passage of time, having been a student of the powerful Messiah Tarn, Yassym had learned to extend his life. Ergo he had the appearance of a fifty year old, but was probably more along the lines of ninety!

            He didn’t realize until after the impact of the lightning, that Yassym was able to construct a shield generated entirely out of magical force. Marsden had hunched on the whim of his body’s natural reaction which was getting as low as possible, and closing his eyes, logically it wouldn’t have done any good, but again his body acted on instinct from the wild energies being flung about.

The magical shield was enough to stop the bolt from hitting him directly, however, the electricity basically split all around him, shaping the invisible dome, and stopped with a thundering crash into the ground. Of course Marsden only watched that through one eye, because he was afraid of being dead already.

The impact tossed several mounds of loose earth into the air, after quickly realizing what happened, acted quickly! In fact faster than anticipated as he sprinted through the wall of falling dirt and caught sight of the sorceress recovering from her obviously exhausting spell casting.

Thank the gods for that weakness! He thought as he charged on. A few men intervened between him and his main target.

            His war cry carried him onward, even as two Lupine appeared, knocking the charging men aside and bounded toward him. His fears had subsided, and continued to charge forward!

The first lupine was coming at him from his left. His body moved on its own accord that day, his reactions pure will and reflexes of years of honed skill and practice.

The creature’s claws struck his shield while his first swipe lopped the top of its head off, its mouth open ready to engulf him. He couldn’t help but notice that as it slid into the sand, its bottom jaw flopped limply against the ground. Marsden hurtled its dying body and ran past as it bounced flaccid about the dry earth.

The second was bearing down on him from a good fifteen foot leap, in order to keep their momentum he knew he had to end its life just as quickly and in perhaps a bit more style, than the last. So as the creature neared his standing height, he pushed his feet forward enough so they slid against the loose gravel.

Letting his body weight fall backward, Marsden swung as hard as possible, the blade catching the creature’s weak point, and not stopping until it had sank nearly six inches into its midsection. He held tight to the handle and allowed the greater weight of the dying beast to pull him back over to his feet.

The End

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