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In fact it was once told that Red Steel had smashed its way through four feet thick stone to return to Christos’ side. During one expedition when Christos had been captured by an exceptionally powerful sorcerer, that was actually not under the Dark Behemoth’s influence.

Christos had heard the enchanter mention that he had only captured by Christos by using, what should have been, a mind crippling spell. He had done it only as an experiment, he wanted to continue to hold Christos there and perform more experiments on him, but Red Steel would not settle for it.

            Now with an insight on how his fellow Knights were faring, Marsden was ready for the next phase of battle. It came unexpectedly, Marsden could hear and feel magic being conjured behind him. The witch was again preparing another incantation; apparently it was going to be very powerful.

As Marsden turned to find her, Marsden could see the primordial forces gathering this time from the high tower at the corner of the castle structure, there she was chanting to her dark gods, and ready to unleash primeval energies onto the physical plane.

For as his entire body felt tingly and his hair on his head literally began to stand on end, a bright light shone from above; the spell very well could have killed him if not for the influence of Yassym, the wise-cracking, spell-flinging extraordinaire.

            Thus the sorceress had summoned a lightning bolt of devastating force. At the time Marsden did not realize it, but with his metal armor he would have been a super conductor of the electrical force and it would have been impossible for his body to withstand such treatment.

Fortunately, Marsden have several people watching his back, and well … all sides.

“Consortum brysil fhor!” Yassym shouted. Yassym didn’t have a spot of hair on the top of his head, instead he had it cut so that only the bottom half of his head was covered in thick brown hair that flowed into his groomed beard that stopped at his chin but no mustache.

He wore the usual garb of robes that mages wore, with the exception that his particular faded teal green color held no alliance to any other association of mages in the world.

Yassym yielded a curry, a magical staff, the same as the dark enchantress wielded. It was a simple staff the ends covered in iron then died a similar color to his robes. He had a small necklace that held to an even smaller leather pouch, although he’d never disclosed the actual contents he has hinted that it is a special ornament that was given to him by a dear friend.

The End

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