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She shoved the spear into one’s gut, kicked another that came at her from the right, the impact against his upper chest shoved the smaller man to the ground. Marsden noticed she was bare footed then!

The Amazon was quite a sight on the battlefield, and probably a bit intimidating to the men. Saigar flanked to the Amazon’s left, ducked under a wild swing from a soldier, opened his wing, and it smashed the man squarely in face.

The soldier was about to bring his sword downward, too late, Saigar plunged his heavy blade into man’s gut. Saigar grabbed the man’s leg, and using his sword still in the man’s midsection, he lifted and tossed him into three more that were running at him.

It was quite a sight to see them all on the battlefield together, it had been quite a few years (okay only two, but it felt like a lot more) since their services had been needed in such a concentrated manner.

Marsden had always heard stories of it, this terrible, beastly man or creature, no one knew, grew to power quickly, but it seemed as though he’d been stopped by the armies of the East.

But suddenly one day word reached King Jehosh that the Dark Behemoth’s army was marching across his land and ever since their skills have been needed seemingly everywhere. And they were often spread thin, but they had gotten some inside information and was told of the stronghold here of Grom Darkstone, one of the Dark Behemoth’s lackeys.

Douglas stayed close to Lord Christos, Marsden suppose he felt a need to stand near and protect him. Lord Christos needed no such protection, but with the amount of opposition, he probably felt that it wasn't a bad idea for Douglas to stay nearby.

They were a devastating team, Douglas swung his mighty flails, he had pulled the smaller one out, to parry with, and killed three Lupine.

Not before they had gotten in a few swipes. Douglas appeared to be bleeding pretty badly from his left leg, however it did not seem to affect his mobility, he moved as swiftly and efficiently as before.

Christos more or less crushed enemies as they neared him, his enormous battle axe smashing foes left and right. Arrows snapped like tiny twigs on Christos thick armor.

If an enemy attempted to attack Red Steel, the horse had its own way of protecting itself, for when it felt threatened it would raise up on its hind legs and smash any foes its way.

Of course it also kept enemies from attacking from behind as well, with unyielding malice. It kicked out, its hooves crushing the armor and throwing the two men back at least ten feet or more.

The End

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