Grom must have been preparing for an attack like this for quite some time. So far his army had to be in the seven hundreds, the amount of bodies lying in their own pools of blood strewn across the battlefield had to number at least half that amount.

Winston pulled his long bow off from around his chest and began pulling from arrows on his left side. This meant the battle was getting serious, Marsden noticed that he was trying desperately to pick off the archers that were firing volley after volley toward Saigar.

Winston was such an amazing archer, that he could fire both of his bows, short and long, with either hand, but not simultaneously of course. Stan was still out in front, keeping Grom's men from getting into fighting range with Winston.

Stan was a loyal young man, whom Winston had begun training in the ways of archery. Stan, of course, had a sword, but never had a chance to use it. Winston would usually pick the men off, while they focused on Stan, and before there became too many and too overwhelming.

Stan had plenty of protection, for along with the four foot tall shield he had a smaller, two foot one on his back and two bucklers on each arm. It always amazed him how he was able to keep up with Winston while carrying so much, but Marsden suppose he felt it necessary, for he also was developing his archery skills under Winston’s care. Something no other person would have felt worthy of doing and that Winston trusted.

            It seemed Saigar was about to be struck with several arrows until another Knight stepped in, Sandra the Amazonian spear-woman. The second female of the group was dark skinned, even more so than his own, and it was toned to an olive brown. Marsden felt it was especially dark compared to Douglas’s porcelain white skin.

Sandra wore patterned, animal skins (it appeared to be either a cheetah or leopard, animals local to the Amazon region) for clothing, and had some thin, metal armor placed over her forearms and shins and knees. She had her hair pulled tightly behind her head in a ball, some sort of talons held it there, along with her necklace of tiger claws that dangled back and forth gave her a menacing appearance.

She carried a long spear like weapon, the Naginata, was what Marsden believe it was called. It was an exotic weapon, a foot long blade, about four or five inches wide at its widest, attached to a six foot pole of ironwood and was about an inch and a half in diameter.

She moved the spear with great speed, so fast in fact that as she spun it to deflect the arrows, Marsden could not see it for a few seconds!

            Once the arrows had been dispatched she pulled the spear down, “HYYAAAH!” Screaming like a feral banshee, as the next squadron of soldiers appeared from the safety of the walls.

The End

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