"time in a bottle"Mature

Dust stirred up as their feet stamped back and forth and around, so Marsden curled up to try to keep from being stepped on! He got to his hands and knees, and dove out over their bent legs, no need for him to stick around for that tussling match.

As Marsden rolled up and over, he caught sight of his broadsword, which must have loosed from the Lupine’s grip when it was hit by Douglas. That was no surprise, the fact that the Lupine’s head did not completely detach, however startled him!

            Marsden grabbed his sword and pulled his armor and effects back in order. Shifting his armor about, and resetting his rucksack and reserve sword on his waist to fit more comfortable. Another Lupine rushed past some of Grom’s men, knocking them aside, this one was more feral than the others, and even had a more feline like appearance.

It swatted at him in a furious manner, Marsden barely ducked the first couple of menacing swipes, but the last caught his left shoulder, gouging it badly. The blow was powerful enough to spin him around, and as Marsden twirled, the blackened beast prepared for a follow up.

It was then the rest of the world became a blur, and time seemed to slow, as if it were sap running out of a tree.

Marsden used the momentum of the spin to face the fiend again and as he brought his broadsword up and around, and stabbed it straight through the Lupine’s clawed hand.

The tip stopped in the creature’s eye, Marsden rapidly pulled the blade back to him, spun once more allowing for him time to bring his sword up, and as his spin ended he brought the sword down, lopping the monster’s hand off.

            Using his shield, Marsden pushed its elongated arm up and out of the way, and then drove his blade into its hip.

            In a blazing flood the world came back to speed, as Marsden began to take in all his surroundings once more. The Lupine fell away from him to its opposite side and began to fade into darkness, the same as the others. His fellow soldiers were fighting on a grand scale, Templin and Ramwolf almost side by side carving a path through the stream of soldiers that seemed to be unending.

The End

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