Chap. 4 - Embodied ChaosMature

Its rasping snarl filled the air, as it neared his sword’s range, the sound made his hair stand on end, for a moment Marsden froze, Marsden hesitated. It actually saved him this once, the Lupine took a long swipe at his head, and the air blasted at his face. Marsden had held it back far enough to allow the claws to pass by, a mere one or two inches from cutting into his face. And Marsden noticed the creature was off balance, now was the time to strike.

Ducking and sliding under the mammoth's elongated arm, Marsden swung his sword, from right to left, with unparalleled precision. His blade's edge sliced no more than a couple of inches away from the creature’s hip region, and then its hand appeared there.

It caught his blade!  It looked down at him and roared once more, spittle flying out of his barbarous maw, and then yanked his sword completely out of his grip. Its empty hand slammed toward him, and crushed into the ground only inches from his head.

It coiled its head back and like some kind of muscle bound snake it appeared as though it was ready to strike and sink its fangs into his skin! In this case, it would take his whole head with its recoil.

            However a shadow appeared and a whistling sound of metal hurling through the air at a high rate of speed filled the air. A large spiked ball came into sight, but it was only there for only a second, and then the Lupine’s body arched backward, and its head flying upward and back.

            “Mardy, we seem to keep finding you on your back, is this your normal fighting style?” Douglas asked, while reaching a hand down to him. The two chuckled.

But just the same as what happened to the Avarian, the Lupine appeared, however this time, the two giants met face to face. The Lupine gripped Douglas’s flail’s staff in one hand and their empty hands locked.

The End

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