Only good Lupine is a dead one - End of Chap. 3Mature

It stood at a towering seven feet, crouched even, which is how they usually stayed, they never really stood up to their full height, which was a good thing.

            However having seen a Lupine actually die, Marsden knew the creature's had to have some fear of death, otherwise why would they fight so vivaciously against their enemies? Only to ensure their survival? Isn't that why they all fight?

Marsden fought to keep his heart beating and his lungs full of life giving air. In this day and age, it is a fight for survival. He let out a mighty war cry as he dashed ever onward at his enemy. It was a massive Lupine, much bigger now that he was within range. It must have been about eight foot tall, and its shoulders covered a length of three feet at least.

The dark creature's physique is offset by the pale scars lining its head and face. Several more scars were seen across its body; apparently this Lupine has seen many more battles than Marsden ever will in a lifetime. That didn’t concern him at this moment.

He couldn’t let the arrows zinging through the air distract him, his fellow warriors that could be in need of another sword, and there the sorceress that still stands. None of these things would be allowed in his mind at this moment. His enemy was fearsome to say the least; its body was entirely muscle, that much could be seen.

            Marsden could also see its dreadful claws, bloodstained from the last battle it was summoned from; its barbarous teeth bared, and ready to tear into his soft flesh. It would eat steel first before Marsden allowed it to feast on his bones.

Then its eyes, Marsden was told to never look into a Lupine's eyes, for there, death was waiting. So what did Marsden do? Marsden stared into the abyss...

The End

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