Vicious LupinesMature

A solid strike from his thick, curved Scimitar, the blunt end lying against his forearm, the blade however stopped against the creature's head caused it to go limp. A quick yank and Saigar freed his sword from the Lupine's skull. Saigar carried two more daggers at his sides, however the weight and sheer ferocity with which he wielded the crescent blade was enough to stop any enemy.

If that was not enough he carried several throwing knives, strapped diagonally across his chest, which had been designed to actually buckle into his armor vest. He even had some reserved on his back, should he ever dispel all twenty from his chest.

Saigar did not have time to kill the Lupine, as arrows skidded against the ground all around him, then several more soldiers were upon him and it seemed the archers were concentrating on his much larger figure, because of his wings.

            He folded them in tight to his back, and charged head and shoulder first into a crowd of men. He plowed over them as if they were nothing more than straw filled dummies. Marsden felt his courage swell and gathered his effects and returned to his feet.

No the Lupine creature was not dead, only stunned, the wound would heal itself in a manner of time and the Lupine would be on its feet once more so before charging head first back into battle Marsden noticed it was beginning to heal itself.

The gaping wound had greenish blue liquid stringing across it and the pieces were returning together once more. Before it had time to finish healing, Marsden jabbed the point of his sword into the beast’s hip, and it body’s rigidness gave way to death. The creature became hazy and smoky and soon was nothing more than a memory. 

Marsden took in his immediate surroundings, Saigar was plunging his way through ten or more soldiers, no need for him to get in his way. 

A guttural roar brought his attention back to the forefront of the battle and no more than twenty feet away toward the far left hand side of the fortress underneath a spiking tower on the corner, stood the largest Lupine Marsden had ever laid eyes upon.

The End

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