Sir SaigarMature

Marsden looked skyward, where the voice traveled from, and could see his silhouette as it blocked out the sun. It was a majestic sight, seeing those near transparent wings as they became golden from the sunlight. Saigar glided downward and his large talons scraping as he landed on the dry ground.

He landed on his left, his shield hand, and he reached his feathery, four fingered hand to him. As he did Marsden watched the Lupine that he’d hit with a throwing knife began to waver and shift, then it became as black smoke from a fire, and then vanished altogether.

            Saigar wore a heavy leather armor vest, with shoulder braces, along with thick leather leg coverings which protected the meatiest part of his leg. The thinner part of his leg, that were not covered in feathers, basically where a human’s ankles would be, but on Saigar it was stretched more and was formed of a kind of hard bony exoskeleton.

His feet were covered in a plated armor, which was one of the weakest points on an Avarian, but also helped when he attacked from above with those sharp talons. Almost leaving one to wonder why he needed any weapons at all, he was as strong as five men and could fly when danger seemed to become overwhelming. Nonetheless, Saigar was a humble warrior.

            Saigar spoke, his bill curved and shaped to form the sounds, just as any humans’ lips would, “The day is young and the battle is just starting. Now is not the time to nap, his friend!”

            Marsden couldn’t help but smile as Marsden reached up for his feather covered hand but before Marsden could reach it, a Lupine appeared as out of nowhere and tackled the Avarian.

            The Hawkman was no stranger to hand-to-hand combat either; he rolled with the Lupine's charge and found himself on top. Not giving the Lupine any time to respond to his counter of the tackle.


The End

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