Lupine attack!Mature

Marsden watched as Templin shoved one of her short swords, up to the hilt, deep into the enemy’s chest, and performed a crouching spin, to evade the downward swipe of another soldier. His sword cleaved into the collar bone of the one she left the sword buried in, then as she came out of her spin, she had unsheathed one from her waist.

She had spun toward the second opponent, and had the sword pointing downward. She drained the second assailant of his bowels, paused momentarily as both men fell beside her, then charged into the remaining soldiers. She relinquished one of the blades from her waist and would return at the end of battle and retrieve her other trusty blade, still inside the chest cavity of the dead man.

            Having seen his fellow Knights charge into battle gave Marsden unbridled courage, with which he quickly put to the forefront of his mind. As the Lupines were upon them.

Upon Marsden to be exact, one slithered its way past Winston, and knocked his broadsword from hand. The unyielding creature continued its charge, and its overbearing weight shoved him onto his back. Its jaws with razor sharp teeth shot toward his head.

Its teeth grinded against the steel shield, the only layer of protection keeping the beast’s deadly maw at bay. Marsden heard a solid thunk and the beast, which was as large as any steed, slumped and he his shield so it slid beside him to the ground. Marsden noticed a small throwing knife penetrating through the Lupine’s hip, its only weak spot.

            “On your feet Knight!” The reassuring bellow could come from none other than Saigar the Hawkman! The Avarians were apt to battle in the sky, but Saigar was no stranger to the ground either. 

The End

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