Hell hath no fury...Mature

Then began their first big scale assault against the Dark Behemoth’s onslaught. The King had gathered a powerful army under his command, and with the Elite Knights leading the charge. The tide was turning almost over the course of this one battle, though it had not come about without its causalities.

However thanks to one of the other Knights, Yassym, the powerful, noble wizard, her life was spared. King Jehosh holds Templin in the highest honor, next to Lord Christos of course. Her ruthlessness on the battlefield comes from the fact that she feels that she should have died that day, and because of that, she no longer fears death…

Well, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” isn’t that how the saying goes?

A tragic scar remains to remind her of that dreadful day, a physical and mental one. Physically the wound made it so she’d be unable to bear children. Of course this caused the mental one and it is truly what caused some separation between the King and Templin.

Marsden supposed the emotional height of it all was also something hard to handle, so the King is still without a Queen or an heir.

            Her armament includes four swords, two of them as long as his arm, she kept bound to her waist. The other two were strapped to her back, these two she unsheathed nearly every battle and were about a half a foot longer than her own arm. However, they were much thinner than Marsden’s broadswords, allowing them to slice through air, steel, muscle and bone alike.

With either size, however, she is most merciless against her enemy, and she had no need for a shield. The skill with which she moved those swords was more than enough defense, but she wore thin scale armor with plates fitted over her most vital areas. The King demanded she train and get used to wearing it because he would not be able to go through the pain of nearly losing her again.

The End

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