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However it was not the strength of his blade, no, not by any means. It was his expert technique, he had studied many years in the Eastern lands, from those who fashioned the most incredibly beautiful and deadly swords in the land. He had called this exotic curved sword, a “katana”, and after all the battles thus far, he had named it Gilgamesh.

Marsden thought it was kind of weird to name a sword, for it was merely a tool, not a person, but Ramwolf obviously considered otherwise. He had said something like, “If you name your sword, you take better care of it and it will repay you by being there for you when you need it most…”

Marsden thought, Weird…

            Nonetheless, Ramwolf was an elegant man; he stood nearly six and a half feet tall, and probably weighed nearly twice as much as Marsden did. Mainly because he’d trained his body to the breaking point, part of his upbringing in the East. He wore his hair like the feared samurai, the elite Warriors of the East, it helped it was of the same black color as well, and wore armor that was similar. It was modified to fit him and allowed a slight edge in maneuverability.

The armor was thick enough to take a direct hit from the measly weapons that Grom had armed his men with, but was also light enough to allow him his quickened movements. He had fitted two fox tails together and had them fashioned as a kind of marker where his armor stopped around his neck. It also caused the enemies’ aim to be thrown off while they were attacking him, as the bright red tended to attract a great deal of attention, while Ramwolf merely plowed his blade through them.

He was graceful in battle, never allowing an opponent to strike his sword, which was his most prized possession. He was only two years older than Marsden, but he knew that in that amount of time his skill could reach that of the “Wolfman’s”, and if Marsden trained hard enough perhaps even surpass him. Marsden’s skills, however dealt with the short broadsword a bit over three foot long, a broadsword that was also light enough so it could be held in one hand.

The End

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