Chapter 3 - ReparationMature

“Look again soldier,” A chill ran up his spine, “The men are no longer our only threat,” and as Marsden continued his gaze further to the attention of the stronghold. His blood ran cold as the beady yellow eyes of the creatures known only as Lupines, moved outward from the shadows of the citadel.

            “That damned sorceress,” his fear turned to hatred, she had summoned these horrible creatures, and disappeared. But Marsden knew she still had to be nearby, because she had to stay close to keep her creatures on this plane of existence.

A Lupine was a smooth, black, heartless creature. It moved with the swiftness of a common house cat, yet had the strength of ten men, but as with every manner of being, it had a weak spot. Hitting it with a clear shot was another matter entirely. Winston let fly three arrows, all missing their marks, as the Lupines were nothing short of lightning quick. Save for their weak spot they were all but invulnerable.

            The Lupines were still more than twenty yards away, however distance is not a matter of time for the creatures, only a matter of opportunity. Opportunity to strike.

When Marsden mentioned the cavalry, he did not mean simply an archer, his squire and his chief officer. No, an entire squadron of the most elite soldiers ever brought forth together in battle.

Marsden referred to the Ten Knights of the Realm, himself and Stan & Winston included. Stan and Winston were a team, they were counted as one. Lord Christos was their self-appointed leader, and then it was made official as King Jehosh Greyhawk promoted him to Lord.

Ramwolf was the next Marsden sensed nearby, for his long sword could be heard not only slicing the very air, but steel, meat and bone as well. The master of the long sword could cut shields and armor alike.

However it was not the strength of his blade, no, not by any means. It was his expert technique, he had studied many years in the Eastern lands, from those who fashioned the most incredibly beautiful and deadly swords in the land.

The End

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