Fighting blindMature

Marsden pulled his shield up, protecting his head, and most of his upper body. He swung his sword downward, hoping it could provide some defense against his lower half. But he reacted too quickly, giving his attacker time to reposition his assault. Marsden knew it was a ‘he’, because he could hear his foul breathing and the clanging of his armor.

A painful strike against the left side of his ribs, feeling two bruise quickly let him know that his defense was not at its best. He would definitely be using one of those healing potions as soon as he had a moment’s reprieve from the battle… He acted on instinct, which goes against his training, he stabbed his sword outward in the direction where he felt his attacker was.

Marsden unfortunately stabbed at nothing but air. Another thrust into his open chest took nearly all the air from his lungs, and caused him to stumble backward a few steps. A new dent to fix when they’re done here. But he could not concern himself with such minor details.

Marsden lost his balance on the still unstable mound of debris and rolled downward then backward. While continuing his breathing was his only option at this point and steadily moving backward. More thwips of arrows sounded as they flew past him, stationary as a resting duck and he still couldn’t be hit!

Grom’s men had not been practicing their archery skills, Marsden would’ve liked to have seen the look on his face, that is if he still had one. Well whether a free spirit or possessing a body.. his anger about the attack could be seen, Marsden was sure of it.

            His vision began to return, painful at first, seeing dark blots, with smaller lighter blobs moving about. It was enough to parry the attack of the first soldier that came at him. He had a great deal of momentum as he came off the high mound of rubble.

Marsden’s first few wild swipes through the air must have disguised his true skill. For his parry left the solider terribly off balanced, along with throwing his sword arm into an awkward position, he was ripe for the taking.

He rapidly pounded the edge of his broadsword into his gut, and then pulled it to his left to stop a downward swing from another. There this colossus of a man was now attacking him but he had made one awful mistake; leaving his groin unprotected.

The End

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