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That man never made any sense, but that’s what made him so likable! Together, Blahna and Marsden carved a path toward the doorway now half covered in rubble.

“How‘re ya handlin’ things, young’n?” He asked with that ridiculous sounding accent and pounded his axe through an attacker’s staff and into his chest. The impact threw the taller man to the ground. Blahna was half a foot shorter than Marsden.

The brownish-blonde haired youngling finally made his way to the mound of debris, about to slip by and through the archway, and then thin beams of light shone through the cracks of the debris. The sudden beaming of light startled him, but it made him grip his sword and shield that much tighter.

Blahna continued onward through the archway, “Yaaaahhh!” Marsden heard him yell as he sprinted down a hallway.

            “Impudent soldier!” the sorceress cried out as the debris erupted and flew toward him. Marsden was only a few feet from the pile of ruins and even though he hadn’t anticipated such an attack Marsden managed to bat away some of the pieces with his shield.

While the rest of the chunks of stone flew about him, a strong middle aged man ran past the right side of the enchantress, “I think impudent is such a strong word,” Marsden dashed forward, and then the crazed man sailed at him from the side of the pile. His wild grey and black hair fluttered around his head like some kind of wild mane as he soared and he held only to a simple club.

Yet, his will to kill was great, what with that crazed look in his eyes. Marsden evaded the man, and let him fall to the hard ground behind him while he continued his climb up the pile of stones toward the mysterious enchantress.

The End

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